Passion, Curiosity, & Authenticity —

This is Soul Media.

The world comes alive through creativity and connection, which is how Soul Media was born. Together, a group of passionate and authentic storytellers created Soul Media as a digital media and experiential marketing firm that inspires genuine, authentic connection and engagement.

We harness creative strategy to help transform brands to reach their highest potential.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity Above all Else.

  • Do it with Passion.  

  • Be Authentic.

  • Engage Fully: Body, Mind & Soul.

  • Think Global, Act Local.

  • Be of Service. Always Give Back.

Why We Exist

We’re living in a time where people are increasingly more digitally connected, yet paradoxically disconnected. In an age of reality television where profits are valued more than people, we’re seeking real human connection and inspiration more than any other era in history.

At Soul Media, we work with brands who put people first and who want to connect with their target audience in a real and meaningful way. We help our clients find creative ways to connect with target audiences, maximize digital opportunities, and inspire brand loyalty.